Best trading conditions

Over more than 20 years of its activity in margin markets, FIBO Group has created the optimal combination of trading accounts and trading conditions that best meet the needs of traders.

  • Low spreads starting from 0 pips for main instruments, 41 currency pairs.
  • Streaming forex rates, Instant Execution technology (on MT4 NDD and cTrader NDD accounts Market Execution technology is applied).
  • Guaranteed execution of limit orders, stop losses (S/L) and take profits (T/P) at stated price.
  • Minimum lot is 1 000 units of base currency (0.01 of a standard lot). 
  • Minimum deposit is 0 USD or equivalent amount in another currency.
  • Leverage: minimum – 1:1, maximum 1:1000 (minimum margin is 0.1% of the trade volume). On MT4 NDD account – 1:400. In case, you roll over your position to the day next to opening, the settlement date changes automatically.
  • Swaps calculations in pips are based on LIBOR rates, then converted into the account currency according to 00.00 server time exchange rates and credited to your trading account.

Excellent service

Everything a trader needs to conduct successful trading in financial markets – and much more.

24/5 Mon 00:00 to Sat 00:00 (EET)

Quick deposit and withdrawal of funds

Bank transfers in Euro and US Dollars

Credit card electronic payments

Transfer and trading security

How to start trading?

In order to start trading, all you need is an email address. After quick and easy registration on the site, you will receive a username and password with which you will be able to test yourself using a free demo account. Then complete a few simple steps to register an actual trading account, which will provide you with a full service package and the ability to make money on Forex.

  • Open an account with a broker.
  • Proceed to “Client Area” or open the application on your phone, enter the required information and select the type of trading account.
  • Install the trading platform.
  • Make a deposit on the account in the section "Methods of depositing and withdrawing funds."
  • Start trading!
  • Watch the video for more details.

What to trade?

A complete set of financial instruments for trading comprising 41 Forex currency pairs.


Classic currency trading without hidden fees in accordance with the quotes of the liquidity provider Sucden Financial. Low spreads starting at 0 for the most popular pairs, Instant Execution technology. Minimum lots starting at 1000 units of the base currency (0.01 of the standard lot), leverage up to 1:1000.


Main major currency pairs:

  • EUR/USD – Euro/US Dollar
  • USD/JPY – Dollar/Japanese Yen
  • GBP/USD – Pound Sterling/US Dollar
  • AUD/USD – Australian Dollar/US Dollar
  • USD/CHF – US Dollar/Swiss Franc
  • USD/CAD – US Dollar/Canadian Dollar
  • NZD/USD – New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar

FIBO Group offers:

  • minimum lots (starting at 0.01 of the base lot),
  • narrow, set spreads
  • the ability to earn using leverage while significantly increasing the possible profit.



FOREX/CFD quotes

Symbol Spread Bid-Ask
EUR/USD 0.6 1.06569—575
GBP/USD 1.5 1.23708—723
Symbol Spread Bid-Ask
USD/CAD 1.4 1.37486—500
USD/JPY 1.5 154.637—652
Symbol Spread Bid-Ask
AUD/USD 1.1 0.64179—190
EUR/GBP 2.0 0.86132—152
Symbol Spread Bid-Ask
EUR/JPY 3.0 164.795—825
USD/CHF 1.1 0.91021—032
Online updated

Trading platforms

Our trading platforms are supported be Windows, Android, iOS and web-browsers. They grant access to trading and offer an impressive set of analytical instruments to build your own trading strategy. Install our FIBO Drive app to manage your accounts from any Android or iOS device.


  • Multiple accounts and translation into 14 languages
  • Opening a transaction directly in the chart
  • Technical analysis tools
  • Prompt position opening and closing

MetaTrader 4

  • The most popular trading platform
  • Over 50 built-in technical indicators
  • Possibility of automatic trading
  • All types of trading orders and Instant Execution

MetaTrader 5

  • All In one: everything you need for online trading
  • Huge analytics opportunities
  • Forex and spot-price metals trading
  • Four ways to execute transactions

Account types

Optimal selection of trading accounts, each offering different conditions for executing orders, in order to achieve the best results in the chosen trading strategy. We offer accounts with execution at the declared price (Instant Execution technology) and market execution (Market Execution technology), both with a commission and without it.

The best choice for novice traders will be MT4 Fixed and MT4 Cent accounts. MT4 NDD and MT4 NDD No Commission accounts are the best for intraday trading and scalping. MT5 NDD account is designed for the professionals who select the MT5 platform, while the fans of the cTrader analytical platform should use cTrader NDD.

Comparison of types of accounts

Trading platform
Order execution technology
Minimum deposit
Fifth decimal point
Minimum lot/volume step
Spread from, pips
Stop Out level
Account currency
CFD trading
Currency pairs available
CRYPTO Currency trading
US Stocks
Maximum open orders
Maximum order volume
Managed account (PAMM)6
MT4 Cent MT4 Fixed MT4 NDD MT4 NDD
No Commission
cTrader NDD cTrader Zero Spread MT5 NDD
MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 4 cTrader cTrader MetaTrader 5
No Dealing
Market Maker No Dealing
No Dealing
No Dealing
No Dealing
No Dealing
0 ¢ $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50
yes no yes yes yes yes yes
0,01/0,01 0,01/0,01 0,01/0,01 0,01/0,01 0,01/0,01 0,01/0,01 0,01/0,01
0,6 1 0 0,8 0 0 0
no no 0.003% from the amount of a transaction no 0.003% from the amount of a transaction 0.012% from the amount of a transaction Min $1 0.005% from the amount of a transaction
(for crypto currencies – 25)
(for crypto currencies – 25)
(for crypto currencies – 25)
(for crypto currencies – 25)
400 1000 (for metal – 400) 400 (for metal – 100)
20% 20% 50% 50% 20% 20% 50%
no yes yes no no no no
32 43 32 32 33 33 32
13 13 13 13 no no 13
no 50 50 50 no no 50
50 no no no no no no
100 lots (1 standard lot) no no no no no no
no yes yes yes no no no



! On MT4 Cent, MT4 Fixed, MT4 NDD, MT4 NDD No Comission, MT5 NDD accounts pending orders SELL LIMIT, BUY LIMIT, SELL STOP, BUY STOP are automatically deleted in 180 days after being placed.

11 unit cost of the GLD Cent currency is calculated as 1:100 000 of the cost of a troy ounce at the date of transferring. (GLD Cent on MT4 Cent account = market price 1 oz. GOLD/100000)

21 unit cost of the GLD currency is calculated as 1:1000 of the cost of a troy ounce at the date of transferring. (GLD = market price 1 oz. GOLD/1000)

31 unit cost of the BTC currency is calculated as 1:1000 of the cost of Bitcoin (BTC=btcusd/1000)

41 unit cost of the ETH currency is calculated as 1:100 of the cost of Ethereum

5Crypto currencies are not available as account currencies for Managed accounts (PAMM) and Affiliate accounts

6Minimum deposit required to open a Managed account (PAMM) is USD 300

Trade with FIBO Group

  • We are one of the oldest players on marginal internet-trading market

  • We have offices in Europe, Central and East Asia

  • We are generally recognized by our customers and the professional community