What is the FIBO Group Partner Program?

A Partner gets a monthly commission for introducing new clients to the Company. The more clients a Partner brings, the higher their activity is and the more trading deals they make, the higher the commission a Partner will receive. Once attracted by a Partner, a client is registered to him for all the time he works with the Company.

  • Flexible and transparent terms of cooperation. Individual approach.
  • Wide selection of PR materials for your web-site in your Personal Cabinet.
  • No restrictions in terms of withdrawals and calculating of commissions.
  • Online reports of clients’ transactions and commission payments.
  • Partners get competetive commission rates for each transaction of the
    clients they brought in.
  • Simple registration procedure.
  • Clients linked to the partner during the entire period of cooperation.
  • Daily commission payments with no limits on withdraws.

Program types


Partnership Program "IB PIP" calculation of IB-Commission in pips
A Partner’s commission varies from 1 pip and higher for each complete transaction

IB Percent

Partnership Program "IB Percent" calculation of IB-commission as a percentage of the spread
A Partner’s commission varies from 30% of the spread and higher for each complete transaction

PAMM Agent

A Pamm Agent gets a remuneration for attracting investors into Managed (PAMM) accounts. 

  • Fast and simple registration procedure.
  • A Pamm Agent gets a remuneration without trading and investing.
  • Online rating of Managed accounts (PAMM). 

The PAMM-Agent's remuneration shall be specified by the Offer and calculated as the share of the PAMM-Manager's Remuneration.

Transparent statistic of Managed accounts and basic information about Managed account ( currency, Manager's Fee, total and daily profitability, offer etc.)

The Investor is considered to be assigned to the PAMM-Agent in case he follows the PAMM-Agent's referral link and invests his funds in the Managed account for the first time. The Investor should be assigned to the PAMM-Agent even if he soon after invests his funds in the other Managed account.

More about the program


Informer is an automatically updating informative block that you can easily integrate into your website.

FIBO Group provides the following informers:

  • Currency pairs, economic calendar.
  • Analytical Forex market forecasts.
  • The number and volume of open transactions on currency pairs. 

It’s fairly easy to integrate an informer. All you have to do is just to configure the required informer and copy/paste its code into the code of your webpage.

The service is free, but there is only one condition, you will have to provide a link to our website.