How to make money on the fall of bitcoin
21 Jul 2021

How to make money on the fall of bitcoin

Welcome to the next webinar from the "Try. Trade. Earn" series. The topic of this webinar is "The situation on the crypto market. The fall of bitcoin and how you can make money on it".

During the webinar, we will look into the situation in the cryptocurrency market. In particular, we will analyze why bitcoin dropped below $ 30,000 and whether this can be considered the beginning of the end of the world's main cryptocurrency. And most importantly, how you can make money on the fall of bitcoin trading with FIBO Group company.

You will learn about this and much more at our next webinar. It will be interesting!

The webinar will be held on July 23 at 14:00 EET, duration - 1 hour, the broadcast language - English.

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